Our Purpose

The role of Greenroots Institute is to find ways to bring people together, to share information, to serve as a community partner, and to support the development of projects and programs that advance dialogue, understanding, and action. We believe it takes community engagement to create the programs and solutions that serve all of us best. Greenroots’ role is to sponsor and support ways for people to come together, connect, and build relationships with each other so that we can creatively weave the future we want for ourselves and for future generations.

Partnership with Northern New Mexico College

Sostenga Farm:

We are providing core staff and financial resources to bring the land and greenhouse at the Sostenga Farm on the Northern New Mexico College campus back to full production. Most of the farm’s annual food production is donated to students and their families and to local organizations that provide free food to needy families.

Developing an accredited farmer training program:

We are partnering with the Northern New Mexico College to develop a certified, for-credit farmer training program at the College.

Partnership with Santa Cruz Irrigation District (SCID)

We are supporting the efforts of the SCID to increase outreach and communication to their members. Our work has been particularly focused on reaching out to Acequia Commissioners and Mayordomos.

Listening Project

In the summer of 2020 we began an on-going listening project (undertaken largely by phone to date because of the pandemic) to better understand the perspectives of residents of the Española Valley on issues related to water, land use, and agricultural production. The insights we have gained from over 100 discussions are informing our community outreach approaches as we provide spaces for community members to come together and discuss issues of mutual interest.